Olympic youth delegation received with excitement at the airport

Dozens of people today received the delegation of the Youth Olympic Games at the Lisbon Airport, especially the women’s futsal team, which won gold in Buenos Aires.

As they waited for the departure of the entourage at the airport arrivals, especially family and friends of the athletes, they sang the national anthem and displayed support posters with photographs, most of the futsal players who won in the final 4-1 Japan.

“It has a very great meaning, we have been dreaming of it for three years now, since we knew we were coming to the Olympic Youth Games. It is a dream come true. We are very happy and it is a huge pride for each one of us. us, “Telma Pereira, captain of the futsal team, told reporters.

Andreia Gonçalves, known by ‘Fifó’, was the best scorer of the tournament, with 21 goals, including the four of the final.

“No doubt the four goals in the final are the ones I will never forget, because it’s a final, but they were all important for the way to the final of our national team and we got the gold. but the most important thing is that we have achieved the goal we so much wanted, we do it for the love we have in the sweater, not for the money we win or not. said Fifó.

For the attacker, listening to the national anthem is one of the things that “gives more pica” when they enter the court, for whom futsal is “like a second family.” As for the future, Andreia Gonçalves aims to participate in an Olympic Games and dedicated the gold conquered in Buenos Aires to the family and the Portuguese.

The picker who led the women’s U-19 futsal team to this Olympic title revealed the “secret” of the achievement.

“A lot of commitment and a lot of focus from the first day, almost three years ago.” Throughout this journey we have kept our focus on what we wanted and when we entered the decisive phase of the competition, even more. of the Youth Olympic Games, we managed to keep these 10 athletes focused on what was our duty, which was to compete, which was to win, “said Luis Conceição.

“The secret is the focus, the commitment, the ambition to want to win. At the outset we would be among the candidates, and as the tournament unfolds, was developing, we met the opponents, we felt that the hopscotch had to be ours. ”

This achievement, according to the coach, represents the bet that the Portuguese Football Federation has made over the last few years, anticipating a happy future for the sport.

“Looking at this generation, athletes with 16, 17, some with 18 years, guarantees us a few years of continuity and leaves us satisfied. Now we have to continue working, we can not grab the prizes, but we have to give opportunity to these athletes in the clubs to compete at the highest level, to work constantly with the best and for sure that more positive things will still arrive in Portuguese futsal, “said Luis Conceição.

Alexandre Montez, a 16-year-old triathlete, won two medals: one gold and one silver.

“It’s the meaning of a lot of work, effort and dedication, both myself and my parents and family, coach, training colleagues. It’s a combination that comes to fruition,” he told reporters, visibly moved.

He felt the reception in the airport with his heart to the “heels”, because he was not waiting for “so many people”. Regarding the future, he has the ambition to participate in the Olympic Games, which will be his “next major goal”.

The Youth Olympic Games were balanced by five medals for Portugal, of which two gold, through the triathlete Alexandre Montez and the women’s futsal team.

There were 41 young Portuguese sportsmen, aged between 15 and 18, representing 12 different modalities in Argentina. The Portuguese delegation obtained rankings up to sixth place in seven of these modalities.

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