Omiri with a concert in Santarém on June 18 and much more

Next June 18, Omiri will perform at Teatro Sá da Bandeira in Santarém, at 9:30 pm.

Omiri’s concert is included in the program of the Inatel Popular Dentro de Portas festival. The Festival’s lineup also includes Magano, Sal and O Gajo.

In addition to the concerts already scheduled with the more conventional format, Omiri is working on 4 special themed concerts in 4 municipalities: Alcanena, Tomar, Pombal and Setúbal. In these shows, the video will be projected on the facades of historic buildings in the cities in question and all the content will be designed especially for each location with its specific Intangible Cultural Heritage. There will certainly be 4 unforgettable concerts.

We emphasize that for this first concert, on June 18th and, following the norms and indications of the national health authorities, admission is free upon reservation

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