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Omniae Ensemble | Porto

Tuesday 19:30
Room 2
€ 9,4


Mariana Dionysus Voice
José Soares Saxophone
Xavi Sousa Trombone
Mané Fernandes guitar
José Diogo Martins piano
Filipe Louro Double Bass
Pedro Melo Alves drums and composition

Awarded in 2017 with the Bernardo Sassetti Composition Prize, the Omniae Ensemble septet is composed of figures from the new national generation of musicians, crossing in the repertoire contemporary classical aesthetics with modern jazz / avant-garde. The lineup was also named Artist and National Group of the Year (2017, and was part of the Top of the Best Albums of 2017 ( and Público).
“The originality and excellence of Pedro Melo Alves’s composition, combined with the interpretative quality of the group, makes this record a remarkable landmark for Portuguese jazz, a reference for contemporary music with broad horizons, bold, open and adventurous music.” (Nuno Qatar, Public)

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