‘On the margin: A story of Rock’ wins MUVI Festival

Rui Berton, João Tempera and Davide Pinheiro were the great winners of this year’s edition of MUVI – International Music Festival in the Cinema, today announced.

Double winner – from the Musical Odyssey jury and the Público award -, the film by Rui Berton, João Tempera and Davide Pinheiro, winner of the contest taking place in Almada, collects the rock story in Almada for almost 60 years, counting by those who lived it from guitar to fist.

Peret, Yo Soy La Rumba” by Paloma Zapata, a faithful portrait of the Catalan rumba told by members of Peret’s family, author of “Borriquito” and inventor of a musical genre that mixed the impetus of rock, the flavor of Caribbean rhythms and flamenco, won the International Musical Odyssey Stage – jury prize.

‘A Species of Punk’, by Rui Portulez, on the history of punk in Portugal, with statements from UHF, Xutos & Pontapés, Censurados, Peste & Sida, Mata-Ratos or X-Acto, received an honourable mention in the same category.

At the international level, the jury awarded, with an honourable mention, ‘Fevereiros’, by Marcio Debellian, which tells the story of Maria Bethânia through the homage paid by the Mangueira samba school to the Carnival of 2016.

Sensitized with the truthful story often told in the first person or by close relatives of the Ukrainian opera singer living in Paris become a soldier with a tragic outcome in the documentary ‘Myth’ by Leonid Kanter and Ivan Yasnity, the public also decided to attribute you an honourable mention.

In the category Sonetos Cantados Internacional Stage, the public prize was awarded to ‘More Than a Barbershop’ by Xandru Fernández and Fernando Otero Perandones, a short short film shot in an unusual Dublin hairdresser, in which a barber with a high dose of melomania, becomes one of the main cultural curators of the city.

On the National Stage, in the same category, the winner was ‘O Stradivarius Português’, by Rafael Abalada Matos, a production of Antena 2 on the only Stradivarius that exists in Portugal. Dated from 1725, the musical instrument belonged to the Belgian composer and cellist Pierre Chevillard and was later acquired for the collection of King D. Louis.

Also here the elements of the jury agreed with the attribution of the prize of the public and they chose the short one of Antena 2 with the best Portuguese in competition.

Despite the close vote, the jury awarded the musical quality and creativity of Kirill Kulagin’s short Russian and English short “Let It Soul,” which tracks Shawn Lee’s move to the Soul Sufferers recording studio.

In Songs With People Inside, MUVI’s music videos section, the winners were Eoin Glaister’s’ Landslide ‘, which provides moving footage of Beirut’s US homer on the International Stage, and’ Singing In The Rain (And I’m On Fire), by director Rui Geada, which illustrates the single from the Almadenses The Manchesters, a band that performed on the 25th of February at Cine Incredible, part of the festival’s programming.

The international audience winner went to ‘Landslide’ and awarded an honourable mention to ‘Human’ by Hazel Hayes with music by the British Dodie.

On the National Stage, they awarded James F. Cotton & Masato Riesser’s ‘Motorcycle Boy’, the theme of The Legendary Tigerman, and awarded honorary mention to ‘Frida’ by Cláudia Batallion, an April Ivy theme with the collaboration of former Buraka Sound Conductor System.

‘I Still Have a Dream or Two – The History of Pop Dell’Arte’, by Nuno Duarte and Nuno Galopim (Musical Odyssey), ‘Barreiro Rock City’ by Bruno Martins and Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro (Sonetos Cantados) and ‘#Demasia’ , by Chikolaev (Songs With People Inside), were the critically-awarded films, a selection made by bloggers and journalists present at the show.

MUVI also received the jazz concerts Andy Sheppard, a British musician residing in Ericeira and who on 21 July was awarded a PhD in music and music. honoris causa by the University of Bristol, and the Portuguese Joana Barra Vaz, The Manchesters and Harka in the iconic Incredible Cinema.

This year’s edition also features the exhibition ‘Xutos & Pontapés: 40 years, 40 photos’ by Cameraman Metálico.

With the competition closed, this afternoon, the competition – which ends Sunday at Romeu Correia Municipal Forum – hosts the Cine Concerto in which Charlie Mancini will play the classics of the silent film ‘Felix the Cat in Hollywood’, ‘Inside A Animation Studio Making A Cartoon ‘and’ Trip to the Moon ‘, by Georges Méliès, with a grand piano.

Also today, at 7:00 pm, the young guitarist Gaspar Varela, great-grandson of the fado singer Celeste Rodrigues, presents excerpts from the recently released ‘Gaspar’, after which will be exhibited the work ‘Celeste’ by Diogo Varela Silva, in honor of the fado singer and his grandmother who died in August 2018.

At 9:30 pm, “Meu Caro Amigo Chico” will be screened, a documentary by Joana Barra Vaz that tries to answer “Tanto Mar” by Chico Buarque, through the songs and testimonies of musicians such as Sérgio Godinho, António Zambujo, Márcia, Manuel Cruz or Nuno Prata.

On Sunday, the festival will screen the winning films. At 3:00 p.m., in a long session with intervals, ‘Landslide’, ‘More Than a Barbershop’ and ‘Myth’ (International Stage) are displayed; and ‘Singing In The Rain’, ‘The Portuguese Stradivarius’ and ‘At The Edge Of: A History Of Rock’.

At 18:30, the winning films of the international competition (Human Stage), ‘Let It Soul’ and ‘Peret, I Am La Rumba’ will be shown. Musical Odyssey).

The show closes on Sunday at 9:30 pm with the show of the winning films of the national competition (Motorcycle Boy) (Winner – Songs With People Inside), ‘Barreiro Rock City’ (Prize of Critics – Sonetos Singing), ‘A Kind of Punk’ (Honorable Mention – Musical Odyssey) and ‘I Still Have a Dream or Two – The History of Pop Dell’Arte’ (Critics’ Prize – Musical Odyssey).

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