On World Snake Day, La Redoute remembers a timeless trend

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The prints not only of snakes, but also of leopards, zebras, jaguars, crocodiles and tigers began to be synonymous with luxury and daring in the 18th century, referring to the exotic settings of Africa, at that time accessible only to royalty and the upper class.

If in the first appearances animal print was closely associated with the use of animal skin in garments and accessories, from the 1940s onwards this panorama changed, when Dior proposed for the first time in the fashion industry an animal pattern in a dress with synthetic fabric. Nowadays, when we talk about the animal print trend, we are referring to the print and not exactly the raw material of the articles.

It was then in the 80s that the animal print boom really took place, even with the mixture of these prints with fluorescent colors that escape the natural color of animal patterns, such as hot pink or lime green. Currently, animal print is a trend that crosses seasons and never goes out of style: whether it’s summer or winter, it’s valid throughout the year. We find it not only in the most varied pieces of clothing but also in the accessories and footwear section, with the versatility that both embodies a classic and sophisticated look, as well as a more casual and relaxed outfit.

For women who like to combine personality and style in a single outfit, there is no doubt that animal print pieces are a must have in your wardrobe. At La Redoute’s online store, the difficult thing is to choose!

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