“One of a Kind” is the new single from The Weatherman

“All Cosmologies”, the short film with the same name as the album and performed by Vasco Mendes, is internationally distinguished!

The Weatherman
One of a Kind” is the third single taken from The Weatherman’s latest album, “All Cosmologies”, a pop opera in all its facets, released earlier this year. According to the musician, “the ending of a pop opera is supposed to be something with impact, that moves, that’s why I tried to write a song that was worthy of a great final, in other words, that was the high point of the album. On the other hand, it was important that the lyrics convey a strong message, of hope.” But “One of a Kind” isn’t just a hymn to hope (“there is still hope and always will be…”), it’s also the most confessional song on the record (“I’m just a man and I’m doing what I can, I just wanted to be heard and understood…”).

All Cosmologies” was transposed to the cinema and gave rise to the musical film with the same name, a short film directed by Vasco Mendes, with the participation of the actress Carolina Amaral and with the support of the GDA.

The video for “One of a Kind” is composed of images taken from the film and, at the same time as it makes a micro-synthesis of the narrative, it focuses on its outcome, the long-awaited meeting between the two main characters. “All Cosmologies”, the film, was built around the songs that make up the album’s line-up and is about how future generations will look at today’s world.

All Cosmologies” has received numerous nominations for international film festivals, having won Best Music Video awards at the “Roma Short Film Festival” and the “Venice Shorts Film Awards” in Los Angeles. It also won the Best Musical Film Award at the “New York International Film Awards” festival. In turn, “One Of A Kind” is nominated in the category of Best Song at the “Indie Short Fest” in Los Angeles.

After having presented “All Cosmologies”, at Casa da Música, in Porto, the musician has now announced a date in Lisbon: the stage of Teatro Maria Matos will receive The Weatherman and his band, on March 23, 2022!

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