One Step 4 Music Fest

In 2020, the partnership with One Step 4 Music Fest is expanded, to present new talents in the great Music Festivals throughout the year.

Discovering and promoting the emergence of new emerging talents from bands, solo singers, DJs and producers of electronic music, solo dancers or in urban dance groups, at the local, regional and national level, is one of the objectives of the Project # onestep4musicfest.

In 2018 and 2019, the LG Stage #onestep4musicfest, took place in Lisbon in Futurália, FIL. Through this project, the finalist artists who performed on that stage were selected. The best ones subsequently performed at the MEO Sudoeste Festival on the LG by Megahits Stage and at the Super Bock in Stock Festival.

In 2020, the Stage # onestep4musicfest will be present in several locations in Portugal, in a process of decentralization and thus going to the discovery of young talents, providing them with the possibility to perform in some of the most important national festivals in a partnership between Big Appetite 4 Music and Musica no Coração.

MEO Sudoeste, Super Bock Super Rock, Sumol Summer Fest and Super Bock in Stock, are the big festivals where the new emerging talents of #onestep4musicfest will perform in 2020.

LG Stage # onestep4musicfest at Futurália, Lisbon

In this way, 4 national competitions will be held:

  1. Band Contest, whose winner will act in Super Bock Super Rock and whose final will be held in Águeda on April 25;
  2. DJ Contest, whose winner will perform at Sumol Summer Fest and MEO Sudoeste and whose final will be held in Oeiras on May 16;
  3. Urban Dance, whose winner will perform at Summol Summer Fest and whose final will be held in Oeiras on May 16;
  4. Futurália Singer Contest, whose winner will perform at MEO Sudoeste and whose final will be held at Futurália from March 25 to 28.

With regard to Super Bock in Stock, the artist who will perform at this festival will result from the choice of all participants in the 4 contests, with a concert being held in September with the finalist artists in a place to be announced and from where the winner who will step on one of the stages of that Festival.

Contest regulations are available at

LG by Megahits stage at MEO Sudoeste. Performance by MDO, one of the # onestep4musicfest artists who were selected to perform at the mythical Festival

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