ONErpm one of the biggest digital distributors arrives in Portugal

announces the entry into the Portuguese and PALOP markets of digital distribution

The company, which is already a world reference in the service and hiring of artists and musicians, expands even further, adding countries such as Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde to its portfolio.

Seeking to give even more value and prominence to the Portuguese language, the global company ONErpm, recognized for accompanying artists worldwide, takes another step in its expansion, this time in Portugal, under the executive command of Nuno Rocha. The company’s presence in Portuguese territory also allows the development of Portuguese-speaking artists from countries such as Angola, Mozambique, or Cape Verde.

“An old dream of ONErpm”, as Arthur Fitzgibbon, president of the company in Brazil, reports, since the expansion to Portugal is the realization of a goal born in 2015, “when we started to align and prepare the company”.

“In 2023, we are making that dream come true: having the most experienced and competent team possible in Portugal, under the command of Nuno Rocha”, says Fitzgibbon, explaining that “we are going to accelerate the development and hiring of artists, in addition to the exchange between Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde, so that the world increasingly recognizes the value of this rich culture that is the Portuguese language”.

In this new stage of ONErpm, the inclusion of Nuno Rocha, as responsible in Portugal, is fundamental for its full success.

“I believe that ONErpm arrives in Portugal at a very important time to turn Portuguese music around. The challenge before us is a great commitment and a responsibility that makes us want to be better every day”, says Nuno Rocha. The executive director of ONErpm in Portugal even says that “conquering challenges inspires us, that’s what we want, to conquer and praise the greatness of every musician and music lover in Portugal”.

ONErpm in Portugal already accompanies great artists from the Portuguese scene, including the singer Badoxa, who mixes his African origins in his music, the rapper Mundo Segundo, one of the biggest names in hip-hop in Portugal, MC Prego Prego, who grows every and Vado Más Ki Ás, which has more than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

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