Online training platform on Portuguese forests launched

The Florestas.pt website, which shares technical and scientific knowledge about the forest and the sector, will launch a new area dedicated to training, called Academia Florestas.

The first sessions count on the contribution of Portuguese experts in several key areas of forestry knowledge and will be made available in video format, with an approximate duration of 20 minutes.

With these sessions, all those who are interested in knowing more about Portuguese forest ecosystems now have access to a set of knowledge and contextualized information about the forest in its multiple dimensions – natural, environmental, social and economic – by the hand of renowned experts .

“Rural and forest dynamics”, “The Forest we have and the Forest we want” and “Forest and Climate Change” are some examples of themes that are in focus at this training academy and addressing them are well-known names in this area of ​​knowledge as, for example, landscape architect Henrique Pereira dos Santos, Teresa Soares David, forestry engineer and researcher at the National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research, and Cristina Máguas, coordinator of the Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes.

The Florestas.pt platform’s mission is to collect, systematize and disseminate information and comprehensive knowledge about the Portuguese forest, making its relevance, challenges and opportunities known, in a clear and accessible way. It is an initiative of RAIZ – Forest and Paper Research Institute.

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