Opera “Rigoletto” by Giuseppe Verdi at Casino Estoril

June 9th at 9pm

The Estoril Casino’s Black and Silver Room will host the opera “Rigoletto”, on the 9th of June, at 9 pm. “Rigoletto” is considered Giuseppe Verdi’s first masterpiece and defined his worldwide fame.

Written over 165 years ago, the opera “Rigoletto” continues to be very popular among art lovers around the world. With a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave and based on the play “Le Roi s’amuse” by the French writer Victor Hugo written in 1832, this work, composed of 3 acts, became one of the best-known works in the entire repertoire of Giuseppe Verdi, with a masterful score for baritone, soprano, and tenor.

The play was the target of French censorship and could not be performed for decades, but it aroused the interest of Verdi who was looking for a striking story with strong characters for his new opera. His choice was also the target of Austrian censure, at the time the dominant power in northern Italy. This considered the text of “a disgusting morality and obscene triviality”. After several changes, the opera initially titled “La Maledizione” would be called “Rigoletto” and its action shifted to the kingdom of Mantua that belonged to the Gonzaga family, however extinct, which allowed it not to offend any susceptibility. Its reception was apotheotic and, since then, “Rigoletto” has been one of Verdi’s iconographic operas and one of the most performed throughout the world.

It is a tragic story of jealousy, revenge, and sacrifice, which unfolds mainly around the triangle of Rigoletto (hunchback and court jester), the Duke of Mantua (a gallant aristocrat), and Gilda (daughter of Rigoletto and in love with Duque), always with the tragic background related to the curse cast by Monterone on Rigoletto and which would come true.

Written by the Italian Giuseppe Verdi, with musical direction by Francisco Antonio Moya and artistic direction by Maria José Molina, this is a classic, showy staging, accompanied by the Orquestra Filarmónica de La Mancha and where the main components of the opera are present and represented in a very noticeable.

Technical Data: La Mancha Philharmonic Orchestra Musical Direction: Francisco Antonio Moya; Scene Direction: Frederico Figueroa; Artistic direction: Maria José Molina; La Mancha Philharmonic Orchestra

The opera “Rigoletto”, by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, is scheduled for the next 9th of June, at 9 pm, in the Salão Preto e Prata of Casino Estoril. M/16. Prices: From €40 to €60.


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