Operators strengthen networks, Altice wants to duplicate data for the Web Summit

The three mobile operators Altice Portugal, NOS and Vodafone Portugal will strengthen their networks due to the Web Summit, with Meo’s owner taking on the challenge of duplicating the data circulating in their networks.

The third edition of what was considered the world’s largest technology summit kicks off Monday in Lisbon.

“Altice Portugal, the technology partner of the Web Summit, has provided the venues where the event takes place – FIL and Altice Arena – with a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network, this being one of the main reasons for the transfer of the event from Ireland to Portugal”, says the owner of Meo.

“All the conditions will be ensured to provide the spaces with high density and high availability wifi coverage, adequate to the level of demand and the international dimension of the event, for which the simultaneous presence of more than 67 thousand devices is expected” adds.

Last year, the total number of devices connected to the ‘wifi’ network in the event was over 50,000, representing more than 2.1 million sessions and 45 terabytes (TB) of data.

It is a “complex process that brings together about 160 people for about three to four months just to set up all the connectivity at Altice Arena, FIL, but also at Night summits, at the event set, in the metro Lisbon, “Alexandre Fonseca, president of Altice Portugal, told this week.

About expectations for this year, “last year we had about 45 terabytes of information to pass on Wi-Fi networks, seven terabytes to go through mobile networks, our expectation this year is double: we move to about 80/90 terabytes of information in the ‘wifi’ and 15 terabytes in the mobile network, grow to double, this is a challenge, “he said.

Altice has more than 100 employees in the implementation and reinforcement of the network for the event.

In turn, “NOS will carry out a reinforcement of the mobile network in the 2G, 3G and 4G technologies throughout the surrounding area of Parque das Nações, through the placement of a temporary mobile tower and network upgrade in the stations that serve the area “said the official source.

“Other areas such as Chiado, Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Lx Factory and Cais do Sodré will also be strengthened at the mobile network level. The Lisbon metro red line, although this year has already been integrated into the overall improvement plan of the NOS network, will also be targeted for intervention with increased capacity compared to the expected volume of visitors, “added the NOS.

Vodafone Portugal stressed that “whenever large events occur” the operator “carries out dedicated plans to reinforce the coverage and capacity of its mobile communications network”, and the Web Summit “is one such example, as an event where more than 70 thousand people with very demanding communication needs are expected. ”

In the last edition, he added, 6TB of data and more than 700,000 minutes of voice traffic was generated on the Vodafone network, “no failure or anomaly was recorded”.

More than 30 antennas and strategic points inside and outside the enclosure have been installed throughout the event, reinforcing the capacity of the mobile network in environments where there is a lot of data usage, according to Vodafone, stressing that this year the operator “also installed a special antenna with ‘Massive Mimo’ technology,” which will serve as a basis for the 5G – the fifth mobile generation, which in the Portuguese market “is only used by Vodafone.”

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