OPPO unveils under-screen camera technology

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OPPO, the world’s leading technology brand, has unveiled its next-generation Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology for smartphones.

Combining the very best in hardware innovation with OPPO’s patented AI algorithms, the new under-screen camera solution discreetly places the front camera under the smartphone screen in a way that maintains the integrity and consistency of the entire screen, both during use and when idle.

This new solution, where the front camera is hidden under the screen, solves many technical and production challenges that have plagued under-screen camera technology since the beginning of its development.

Key innovations include resolving issues such as inconsistent display quality in the area of ​​the screen above the camera under the screen, poor image quality caused by obstruction of the camera by the screen, and issues related to product reliability and its useful life.

Thanks to progress made in these areas, OPPO offers an advanced under-the-screen camera solution that takes the comprehensive full-screen experience to a new level.

As far as the camera is concerned, the OPPO Research Institute in the US has developed a series of AI imaging algorithms, including diffraction reduction, HDR and AWB, with the aim of decreasing some of the negative side effects commonly found in hidden cameras under the screen, like blurred images and the reflection of the image. OPPO has also trained its AI diffraction reduction model using tens of thousands of images to control problems caused by diffraction at the light source, allowing users to capture sharper, more natural looking images.

As consumer demand for higher screen-to-body ratios and new smartphone form factors grows, OPPO has invested heavily in research and development in these areas. OPPO has launched three generations of under-the-screen camera solutions to date since it began developing the technology in 2018, applying for more than 200 patents in the process.

In 2020, OPPO also deepened its contribution to technology development with the submission of its first proposed standards for under-screen camera technology to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The proposal presented included recommendations for seven key technical metrics, including screen transmission, reflectance, uniformity, exposure control, color shift and glare reduction.

OPPO will continue to invest in the research and development of hardware design and algorithmic processing capabilities to further optimize its under-screen camera technology, with the ultimate goal of offering a truly full-screen and more immersive experience for users. users from all over the world.

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