Orquestra Bamba Social releases music video “Mundo Novo”

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A month after the release of the album, Orquestra Bamba Social takes advantage of this time of year to present the video clip of the song that gives the album its name, Mundo Novo, a message of reflection, so important at this time.

At a time after the pandemic, political wars, climate change, and so much inequality and oppression between people, “Mundo Novo” has in its narrative a message of hope to live in harmony, peace, and unity.

In this new album, Orquestra Bamba Social reveals itself in a new creative phase, exploring new sounds, in addition to samba orchestrated with jazz and funk that characterizes the band, thus expanding new horizons within the Portuguese-speaking universe and the richness of its various accents.

The 12 tracks recorded between the city of Porto, Rio de Janeiro, and Den Helder, in the Netherlands, also feature renowned guest appearances such as the national Tiago Nacarato, international guests, and well-referenced, within samba, such as the cariocas Moacyr Luz, Teresa Cristina, Moyseis Marques, making a total of 38 musicians involved in this work.

Mundo Novo“, which recently arrived on all digital platforms, is an album for the world, be it the global world we inhabit, or an inner world filled with emotions.

The single and music video that is now released, summarizes and synthesizes this feeling and moment of the band.

The presentation of this work will take place on the 18th of February at the Super Bock Arena in Porto, where, taking advantage of the celebration of 10 years as a band, there will be a mega Carnival party, with the presentation of the album in orchestra format and, on the same night, a second performance in the samba circle formation, in the middle of the audience and with the public around him.

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