Orquestra Camerata from Luanda is the headliner for this edition of “Show do Mês”

With a repertoire based on national and international classics, the musicians are waiting for the show, which marks the debut of a national orchestra in the Show of the Month Live, from Nova Energia.

The guests will be the traditional group Nguami Maka, the lyric singer Marília Alberto, Carla Moreno and the members of the Band Show of the Month Teddy Nsingui (solo), Mias Galhetas (bass), Alexandre (percussion) and Yark Spin (rhythm).

The rehearsals have been taking place at Brasom and during the rehearsals it was possible to confirm that the alignment will include themes such as “Azulula”, by Gabriel Tchiema, “Avô Beia”, by Pedrito, “Thinking according to the time”, by Minguito, “A mi cria be a poet ”, by Paulino Vieira, and“ Lá Fió ”, by Ralph Thamar.

Created in 2017, the Orquestra Camerata de Luanda, formed by young musicians. With the participation in this edition, the orchestra succeeds Banda Movimento and musicians Varela, Dom Caetano and Lulas da Paixão.

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