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Orquestra Geração in a new single by Salvador Sobral

The theme “paint the town”, Salvador Sobral’s second single of “bpm”, his third studio record, has the special participation of 10 students from the Orquestra Geração, from Núcleo do Grupo Almeida Garrett.

The children, aged between 7 and 9 years old, also participated in the music video of the theme, starring the singer. Bianca Pereira, Diana Domes, Ghaith Driouich, Inês Madruga, Leonor Gomes, Lucas Cruz, Santiago Oliveira, Sofia Gomes, Tomás Silva and Mariana Santos are the students of Orquestra Geração who compose the chorus of the song “paint the town”.

When asked why the Generation Orchestra, Salvador Sobral says: “Shortly after I left the hospital, I sang with the Generation Orchestra and I really liked the freshness, musicality and good vibes of the children. You could see that they really liked music and that they weren’t doing it out of obligation. On this record I was looking for various sounds that I hadn’t had on the previous record. At one point I imagined a children’s choir and thought of the Generation Orchestra. My idea was to go to school to record, but at that time, in January, we closed everything again. We decided to record each one at home with their cell phone, with the help of their parents, inside the lockers, so that there is not so much echo. Leo Aldrey then brought all the children together in the song and made his effects to make it sound more alive. I think the kids, who are the purest being in the world, brought a lot of color and freshness to the record. I am really happy”.

Professor Elsa Matos Gomes, responsible for vocal preparation, points out that the children’s reaction “was not (all) the same, as is natural, but for those who had already heard of Salvador, it was euphoric to realize that they were going to participate in this project. For many, being able to record an album, appear on television or YouTube and think “I’m going to be famous”, were just the first doors for the imagination to grow and realize that something very special was about to happen”. The professor also highlights the importance of this type of partnership for “the continuity of the mission and objectives of the Orquestra Geração project. Every day we propose to teach through art and to bring these children new and different experiences, experiences and opportunities that the school so often finds difficult to provide. Thus, through other musical styles, other musical instruments and other tools, we continue the work that we think is so important for the development of these children”.

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