Portuguese POP Orchestra returns

“Grandes Hits do Pop” at Altice Arena, next May 27th

Orquestra POP Portuguesa is back with “Grandes Hits do Pop”. After the success of the debut performance, the group returns to the stage to interpret some of the most iconic themes in pop music.

Directed by Maestro Ulf Wadenbrandt, OPP has 42 musicians and has Catarina Clau and Ricardo Soler as the main voices. The show is scheduled for the 27th of May, at Sala Tejo at the Altice Arena.

“Grandes Hits do Pop” is organized by DHArtes Produções. Composed of 42 musicians with a higher musical education, the Orquestra Pop Portuguesa will be, once again, the ideal company for “those who (still) will discover that they like orchestras”.

“Grandes Hits do Pop” harmoniously combines performances from the past to the present, from classical to more modern music, in a show accessible to all types of audiences. The objective is to provide moments of musical enjoyment and entertainment through the interpretation of these eclectic musicians, who specialized in different musical genres.

“Viva la Vida” by Coldplay, “Casinha” by Xutos & Pontapés, “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles, and “Final Countdown” by Europe are just a few examples of what you can expect. An authentic journey through time that promises to surprise with each performance.

“The main objective of the project is to bring the public closer to music. We want to demystify the association between the orchestra concept and the elitism and exclusivity of a more erudite genre”, explains Inês Santos, founder of DHArtes Produções and one of those responsible for organizing “Grandes Hits do Pop”. “We want people to have an idea of the size and potential of an orchestra and that these are precisely the same instruments used to play the songs we hear on the radio.”, he concludes.

Son of a professional violinist, João Pires, co-founder of DHArtes Produções and artistic director of OPP – Orquestra POP Portuguesa learned early on that “Art in general and Music, in particular, must be served by us, since they do not exist, all, to make use of them.” He also realized that, if on the one hand, the tastes of the public are eclectic, which he considers an asset, “they can also be captivated if they are shown, without complexes and taboos, different musical genres”.

Recognized for the creativity and originality of his projects, it will be up to the Swede Ulf Wadenbrandt to conduct, once again, the Portuguese Pop Orchestra. The maestro stands out for the richness of the sounds of his performances, for the concerts and recordings in the area of pop and symphonic rock, as well as for the intersection of these styles with classical music. With a vast curriculum, which includes participation in the final of the RTP musical program “Operação Triunfo”, Ricardo Soler has given voice to several themes for soundtracks of television series and soap operas, he has already represented our country in some European festivals, among them the Festival RTP da Canção, and was part of the casts of multiple musicals. Catarina Clau also has two brilliant participations in the RTP da Canção Festival, as well as in entertainment programs and talent shows such as The Voice Portugal. Her curriculum brings together dance, singing and acting, experiences in which she has worked with references such as Filipe La Féria, Henrique and Nuno Feist and Miguel Thiré. We recently had the opportunity to watch her performances, also with Ricardo Soler, on the program Dança Comigo, on RTP.

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