Os Azeitonas in “Ambos os 3 mais Uns” sell out Casino auditorium

Os Azeitonas came to the Casino Estoril Auditorium in a more intimate format to play some of their best-known songs. In “Ambos os 3 mais Uns” the “Uns“(others) are Pedro Ribeiro who accompanied the band on guitars and the young João Couto, his special guest.

With musical arrangements in the jazz style, Os Azeitonas gave a good show, providing, to a sold-out auditorium, an excellent night.

Always very friendly, Marlon, Nena and Salsa, were entertaining the audience with their stories, thanking the audience for their presence, saying that “it is a great pleasure to be here, they are eager to play and we hope that everything goes well, as we are very rusty “.

They also mention that “they came prepared for Storytelling, but between telling the stories of the songs or singing them, the choice is difficult“.

Throughout the nights we were listening to Pessoas”, “O Momento”, “Fundo da Garrafa all from the 2018 album “Banda Sonora”.

But Os Azeitonas revisited older themes and from the first album “Um Tanto Ou Quanto Atarantado“, from 2005, they played “Por Ti Tanto“, followed by “Tonto por Ti”, from the album “AZ” of 2013 and “Cantigas de Amor” ”From the 2007 album “Rádio Alegria”.

One of the stories that have not been told is that of the woman who is a woman for days, her husband is a night watchman, they never meet, because she works during the day and he works at night, and they sing “Oito e Meia” from the album “Banda Sonora“.

João Couto and Os Azeitonas play and sing together “Cantigas de Amor” from the 2007 album “Rádio Alegria” and two songs by JoãoA Massa” and “Os Meus Amigos”.

About Os Azeitonas, João says that “Os Azeitonas are my favourite band and playing with them in Estoril is surreal“.

Still together they sing “Efeito do Observador” also from the last album of Os Azeitonas.

And between stories and music, the concert is coming to an end and they still have to sing seven or eight songs, as there is no time to challenge the public to choose the songs to play next, which resulted in a chorus of laughter and good mood.

And so, by order of the public, you can hear the Desenhos Animados from the album “Rádio Alegria“, the new single “Guitarrista do Liceu“, and ending the song “Quem és Tu Miúda“.

Os Azeitonas are a Portuguese Pop / Rock band, formed in Porto in 2002, currently consisting of Marlon (Mário Brandão), vocalist, Luísa Nena Barbosa, vocalist and João Salsa Salcedo, vocalist and keyboards.

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