Banho Maria release the video for the single “Caixa dos Sonhos”

Yesterday, Banho Maria released the video for the single “Caixa dos Sonhos”, which was released in June exclusively on digital music platforms.

With lyrics and music by João Alexandre, also a musician from the band Clark, it is produced by Nuno Roque (producer Capitão Fausto, sound technician GNR and musician LX90), and co-author of the song’s composition.
Pedro Cruz (guest artist of Quinta do Bill) recorded the accordion.

It is a new musical direction for the band (without being a break from the debut work), led by new voices, other instruments and the maturation that the pandemic isolation provided.

With a folk sound and an infectious “beating” rhythm, this is the refresh that Banho Maria was looking for.

João Alexandre states that “in shameless imagination, this song would be the result of the joint artistic residency in Portuguese between Dexy`s Midnight Runners and Beirut, a story of reunion, an easy smile and a light way of facing life”.

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