The youngest learn to make sand boards in the new episode of “Natureza a brincar”

Inadvertently, we always bring home a lot of sand and shells at the end of a day at the beach. The new challenge for the Porto Municipality Environmental Education team is that these elements of nature are used to awaken the creativity of the youngest. In the new episode of “Natureza a brincar” you learn to make sand paintings.

The inspiration can be found in any corner of a trip to the beach, just follow the biodiversity present in the pools between tides, on the rocks, under the surface of the sand.

After a little exploration, it will be easy to take home mussels, limpets, sea urchins, anemones, algae, starfish and, of course, some sand.

With the help of paint, water, cardboard, and glue, creativity begins and authentic marine paintings are born to hang in the children’s room so that it will always be summer.

In other episodes of this series, the Porto Chamber Environment team taught the youngsters how to make manjericos, paint, broom brushes, dream catchers or how to create an “imaginary friend”.

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