Os Novos Novos

Visita guiada com o arquiteto Diogo Aguiar à exposição

Curator: André Tavares
CCB – South Garage . 22 May . sunday 16:00

The exhibition Os Novos Novos shows the paths of invention, the new ideas that the world needs and, also, the will to build better, led by a new generation.

There are five ateliers by Portuguese architects —, fala, Diogo Aguiar Studio, Ponto Atelier, Barão-Hutter — who work in Lisbon, Porto, Funchal and St. Gallen, Switzerland.

These architects show us the quality and variety of proposals to transform the places we inhabit. Above all, they build a portrait of the concerns, goals and work processes of today, naturally different from other architects and architectures that preceded our time.

The new architects have different concerns, ambitions and modus operandi than previous generations and, as this exhibition wants to demonstrate, they respond more sharply to today’s challenges. Perhaps,exhibition for this reason, Os Novos Novos is not presented in the form of a manifesto, but as a set of fragments and ideas that both echo each other and point to divergent paths.

Each studio brought a built work and a project not yet built, capable of explaining how much we have to gain by entrusting more responsibility to the new architects. The Novo Novos does not flinch under pressure and, as their body of work grows, they both show the vitality of the discipline as a form of knowledge and how much better our future can be.

The guided tour on May 22, at 4 pm, will be led by Diogo Aguiar.
The architect presents a work of his own at the exhibition: Prototype, 2022, and leads the visitor to the works and projects of a new generation that is starting to take off.

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