Os Poetas, present “O Homem Em Eclipse”

first single from the group's new album, now available

Os Poets are back with a new work that marks the centenary of Mário Cesariny’s birth. Gabriel Gomes (accordion) and Rodrigo Leão (synthesizers) join the actor Miguel Borges who gives voice to some poems.

O Homem em Eclipse gives the title to the album whose edition is scheduled for August 4th and also to the first single that is already available.

It is natural that Mário Cesariny’s voice touches us intensely. The poet resonated like no one else, giving words his deep voice, full of humanity, of disenchantment, when it had to be, and of strangeness too, he who wrote as he painted, always in search of the mystery that could not even be unraveled between the lines.

Os Poetas – Rodrigo Leão and Gabriel Gomes, who here also have the voice of Miguel Borges and the ghost of Cesariny who lives eternally in the recordings – rediscover in this project that ever-new poetry of the surreal man who wrote as he painted and who painted as he wrote.

On this centenary of the poet-painter’s birth, Gabriel Gomes on the accordion and Rodrigo Leão on synthesizers also paint new soundscapes for Mário Cesariny’s words, in a bow that is agitation, which is a demand for new meanings because language continues to unfold, shaping us. O Homem em Eclipse is, therefore, a celebration, with Cesariny’s poetic matter at the center, and the music and voice of Miguel Borges taking this matter as the starting point for a fascinating journey. A journey to which listeners are also summoned and where we can all try to find each other. Perhaps in the intervals of those senses that remain.

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