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Os Quatro e Meia, 10 years celebrated in the largest concert venue in Portugal

Altice Arena

In the year they celebrated their 10th anniversary, Os Quatro Meia celebrated in a sold-out Altice, where they sang with “the audience that sings best” due to the information the band has, all the songs that made them known to the public, but also some new ones.

Quatro e Meia performed to the public at a Soirée in Coimbra 10 years ago. After filling a stadium, Estádio Cidade de Coimbra, the Coliseums of Lisbon and Porto now filled the Altice Arena on a night of consecration in the company of an orchestra of 19 elements, where fans could cheer and sing with them all night long.

Os Quatro e Meia < Altice Arena < 2023.11.04 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

“P’ra Frente é Que é Lisboa”, “Minha Mãe Está Semper Certa” or “Não Respondo Por Mim” are some of the many songs that everyone knows, from the 2017 album, Pontos nos Is, 2020 released O Tempo Vai Esperar where “A Terra Gira”, “Canção do Metro” and “Bom Rapaz” were some of the hits that took them back to the national top charts.

At Altice, they also presented three new songs, “Eu juro”, “Segue o Coração” and “Terraplanismo”, and also 3 videos, in which, with a lot of humour, they present the history of the band, they also marked a new meeting with the fans, at the Hipódromo of Cascais, on 22 June 2024, in the company of Miguel Araújo.

Os Quatro e Meia < Altice Arena < 2023.11.04 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Another excellent concert with the signature Primeira Linha, where Os Quatro e Meia infected fans with their positive energy, joy and good mood, a night that everyone will remember.

See photos from the concert here

Os Quatro e Meia < Altice Arena < 2023.11.04 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews


Video 1

  • Se eu pudesse voltar
  • Guarda a tua alma
  • Bom rapaz
  • Eu juro
  • A minha mãe está sempre certa
  • Canção do metro

Video 2

  • Segue o coração
  • Não respondo por mim
  • Na escola
  • Pontos nos is
  • Amanhã
  • O tempo vai esperar

Video 3

  • Terraplanismo
  • A terra gira
  • Olá solidão
  • Baile de São Simão
  • Sentir o sol


  • Manta do coração
  • Coisas tão bonitas
  • Sabes bem
  • Pra Frente é que é Lisboa

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