Os Quatro e Meia filled the Campo Pequeno for Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo

Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo, presents “20 20 Culture for all”, an initiative that aims to take over and encourage culture in Portugal

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The group from Coimbra Os Quatro e Meia filled Campo Pequeno for a memorable concert with an aura that has not been seen for a long time in these covid-times.

Following all health guidelines, such as wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, and distancing between seats, Campo Pequeno hosted last Friday, November 4th, one of the most crowded concerts for the Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo festival. Os Quatro e Meia, band composed by Ricardo, Tiago, Mário, João, Pedro, and Rui, are from Coimbra, and since last year, their last concert in Lisbon, they have left the public wanting more.

This long awaited concert started with “Olá Solidão”, followed by “A Manta do Teu Coração”, “O Tempo Vai Esperar”, “Canção do Metro” and “Não Respondo por Mim”, this song is made with the artist João Só, that was also present in the audience.

In the band’s own words: “We were really looking forward to going back to the stage and seeing you again. It has been a difficult time for everyone, for the country and for the whole world, and in our opinion, this house is full today, even with the places of distancing, there are always ways to see the glass half full or half empty, and we will always be the kind of people who see the glass half full. I wanted to tell you that we are incredibly grateful to be here. that this concert has survived many unforeseen events, such as rain and delays, and we have been touched by an almost divine touch and in the middle of this incredible journey that we have been doing, we have been with people who have supported us immensely from the beginning, and many these people are the ones who are suffering the most from the pandemic, our technicians, this concert is also theirs. We also invite you to come and see many more concerts, support our national musicians, and support the Culture, because Culture is the soul of the people“.

The concert had two special guests, Tatanka, who sang the theme “Se eu Pudesse Voltar”, and Carlão, with their most recent single, “Bom Rapaz”, and “Assobia para o Lado”. We also heard “Coisas Tão Bonitas”, “Só Mais um Instante”, “A Terra Gira” and “P’ra Frente é que é Lisboa”.

The band also appealed for us to be supportive, and to support the sectors most affected, not only the culture but the restaurants and many others who are feeling the impact of the restrictions imposed. They thanked their agency Primeira Linha, which has supported them since the beginning, Everything is New and PEV ENTERTAINMENT, Campo Pequeno, and all the entities that supported the concert.

The group returned to the encore after a huge wave of applause from the audience with the acoustic version of “Sabes Bem” and ended in the best way possible with “Baile de São Simão“.

Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo, presents “20 20 Culture for all”, an initiative that aims to take over and encourage culture in Portugal. Everything is New and PEV ENTERTAINMENT are simultaneously producing 20 shows in Lisbon, in Campo Pequeno, and 20 shows in Porto, at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota. A total of 40 shows, starting on October 31 and ending on December 19.

In order to guarantee the safety of everyone, each show is designed based on strict compliance with the rules imposed by the General Health Directorate (DGS). The use of masks is mandatory, in a space defined for this purpose, where all seats will be identified, fulfilling the mandatory distance between spectators who are not part of the same group. Finally, in order to avoid any kind of congestion between people, all entrances and exits will have their own circuits with the appropriate signs.

You can also see in this festival Fernando Rocha, Mariza, Anjos, Fernando Daniel, Rui Veloso, Tiago Nacarato e Bárbara Tinoco, among others. Tickets on sale now.


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