seBENTA release new single ‘Maré’

Maré stands out from the rest of seBENTA’s songs due to its dynamics, as Paulecas explains to us “Without a doubt! It is a single that presents itself completely uncompromised, but that has everything to do with a characteristic of the band, perhaps not so well known… That happens very live, in our concerts, we have this very emotional and spiritual side and whoever sees us in concert, this is very felt, we like the songs to be a moment where people identify and sing with us, making the party happen!”

​This new single is not, however, an integral part of the album ‘(Maior)idade’ edited last year. It is “it was recently written and it is part of what we are doing at the moment, we are writing new songs and there was a great desire to go back to composition, to go back to the studio, that is what happened and it is being a natural process, which is part of the evolution of seBENTA and is also a new phase that is giving us a lot of fun”, as Paulecas tells us.

By the way, ‘Maré’ also has another novelty. This time, in lyrical terms, since it tells us about stories common to all of us, as explained by Paulecas “When I started writing, the life of fishermen and their families quickly came to mind, that is, translating into a love story, fishermen go out to feed their families and ours, running the risk of not returning and waiting for them is always someone who lives in constant distress, but love is their anchor, their hope! These are incredible stories that we all know, that are part of humanity, and then, I soon realized that these lyrics fit perfectly in any love story, that is… There are no guarantees of anything, there is always a side that suffers more, either on the way out or on the way back, but love is and will always be our greatest pursuit!”

In addition to a new single, seBENTA, will also be on stage in different cities in April and May “… will pass through 6 or 7 clubs, from several cities and that is part of the usual circuit, will culminate with a concert celebrating the band’s 19th anniversary in Lisbon, in our city, then it is on to the festivals and summer concerts!”, concludes Paulecas.

Datas já confirmadas da tou XIX

29 de Abril // Figueira da Foz – DRAC às 22h
10 de Maio // Coimbra – Salão Brasil às 22h
12 de Maio // Portalegre – CAE às 23h30
20 de Maio // USA – IPMA (International Portuguese Music Awards) tba
25 de Maio // Porto – Hard Rock Café às 22h
2 de Junho // Lisboa – Tokyo às 22h

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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