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Os Senhores at Rock Station to present Mr. Saraiva

The gentlemen took to the stage at Lisbon’s new venue, Rock Station, to present their album, Sr. Saraiva to an audience of friends, family and fans on a night full of nerves and good expectations.

After having been at Super Bock in Stock, yesterday at Rock Station they once again presented their first album, the band of David Pinheiro, vocalist and author of the songs, Tiago Pais Dias and Ricardo Vasconcelos (Amor Electro), and Bruno Jardim Fernandes, on a night where nerves almost got the better of Tiago.

senhores 20240222 rockstation©luismserrao ineews s 5008
Senhores < 2024.02.22 < Rock Station ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

The vocalist of Os Senhores confessed that he got up yesterday without his voice and that even though he had recovered during the day, he was not in the best condition, but, the show must go on, and they entered the stage determined to give the best show to everyone friends, family and fans, who went to this new room in the capital.

It was just after 11 pm, an hour later than announced, when the group entered the stage, to present the 11 songs by Sr. Saraiva, sung in Portuguese, written by vocalist David Pinheiro, recorded in the Valentim de Carvalho studios and featuring the produced by Tiago Pais Dias.

senhores 20240222 rockstation©luismserrao ineews s 7015
Senhores < 2024.02.22 < Rock Station ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

“O Melhor de Mim”, “Tu”, “Sonha”, “Razão”, “Indiferente”, “Mudar”, “Maior”, “Regresso” and “Erros de Amor” were the themes that Os Senhores took to the stage, but we still had time for a theme from Madredeus, which David dedicated to his brother-in-law.

On the 25th they will be at Novo Ático, in Porto, at 6 pm, if you can, don’t miss this concert.

See photos from the Os Senhores concert at Rock Station here

senhores 20240222 rockstation©luismserrao ineews s 6028
Senhores < 2024.02.22 < Rock Station ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

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