The Sigur Rós back to Portugal with a full room

The Icelandic Band returned to Portugal six years later and found a full room to receive them, Campo Pequeno was sold out, and not only Portuguese, but there were also many other languages ​​that were heard in the audience standing in the Lisbon room to hear the themes of the group, and ineews was there.

Lisbon kicked off the European leg of the “Slow but loud tour and started with a full room, six years after performing at Primavera Sound, in Porto.

Sigur Rós, with almost British punctuality, opened the concert with Vaka, followed by Fyrsta and Samskeyti, but it was with Svefn-G-Englar, one of their best-known themes, that the applause became louder.

Sigur Rós > Campo Pequeno – Photos: Xiaomi 12X

The group led by Jónsi, appeared on stage under intense red light, and various lighting effects on stage and on the screen placed in the back stage, giving much emphasis to their music, but keeping the trio, which in concert is a quartet always very discreet, however, all the luminous staging was perfect for the music of Sigur Rós.

Jónsi was alternating between the guitar that plays in most of the themes with a cello bow and the keys, while the remaining elements on stage were alternating between percussion and bass.

Sigur Rós > Campo Pequeno – Photos: Xiaomi 12X

The concert, which had two parts, 15 minutes apart, and had ended after the first 11 themes, would have left everyone present, more than satisfied, but they were rewarded with 10 more, and it was with Glósóli, soon recognized and applauded by the many fans present.

Sigur Rós took the audience on a journey in which they went through several stages of their career which they were always accompanied by the applause or the silence of an audience that was very knowledgeable about the themes that make up the long career of this Icelandic group, who directed it to those present he said: “Thank you for coming tonight. It’s always a pleasure to come to Lisbon“.

It was with Popplagid that Sigur Rós ended the concert in Lisbon with Jónsi even knocking down two microphones during the performance, they returned to the stage just to say goodbye to the audience, after almost 3 hours of concert, and by the reaction of the public, we hope- if they don’t let so much time pass until they return to Portuguese lands.

Sigur Rós > Campo Pequeno – Photos: Xiaomi 12X

Concert setlist
1st part:
Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #2 – Fyrsta
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
Rafmagnið búið
Ný batterí
Gold 2
Untitled #7 – Dauðalagið

2nd part:
Untitled #6 – E-Bow
Ekki Múkk

Gold 4
Untitled #8 – Popplagið

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