The Gift rock the Campo Pequeno

Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo

Inserted in the concerts of Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo and produced by Everything is New, it was the turn of The Gift to perform at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, this Friday, to privilege the songs from the albums “Primavera” and “Verão”.

The public came in great number to watch yet another show by this Alcobaça band, which did not disappoint.

The concert was even more benefited by the video/multimedia tickets that accompanied all the songs, some of these videos contained the lyrics of the songs which contributed to the audience singing with them.

Themes like Verão”, “Fácil“, ”Primavera and “Clássico” took the audience to the top.

Sónia and Nuno shared with the audience that “Waiting (to be able to be on stage again) was the most exhausting experience, this concert was the first dose of a kind of antibiotic. Sónia and Nuno remember that A Cultura é Segura, thanking the public for coming to watch this concert again ”.

The Gift - Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo - Campo Pequeno 2021.05.07
© Luís M. Serrão -iNeews
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Over the course of two hours, themes like “Blue”, “Hammock”, “Books”, “Serpentina”, “Variação”, “Sehnsucht”, Vitral”, “Cabin”, “Lowland”, “Sol”, “Vulcão”, “Love”, “Queen”, “Impressiveness“.

The Gift is a Portuguese band formed in Alcobaça in 1994. The band is composed by Sónia Tavares, vocalist and also a composer, Nuno Gonçalves, keyboardist, Miguel Ribeiro, guitar and bass and Jonh Gonçalves, keys and bass. Due to Jonh’s trip to Brazil, he did not participate in this Friday’s concert at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, having been replaced by Paulo Praça.

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