The UHF are back to singles with the theme “Eu Vou ao Norte”

“Eu Vou ao Norte” is a kind of tribute to the band’s usual audience.

António Manuel Ribeiro mentions “The UHF, since the beginning of their walk on stage, have always played a huge percentage of concerts above Leiria. beyond the Hills.”

But it is also a tribute to those who make music their work, their art, and who give everything they have to share it: “Eu Vou ao Norte was a saved song, which celebrates the charms of life: passion, love platonic, the encounter, the promise, and the avoidance. Because with the guitar in the bag, the musician is always traveling”, tells António Manuel Ribeiro.

In terms of musicality, this “Eu Vou ao Norte” also has some singularities such as the introduction of traditional instruments such as drums and accordion. In the words of António Manuel Ribeiro, “It is the fusion of an urban sound with the ancestral rhythms that raised this nationality. Malhão? Pauliteiros? Bombos? Yes, and the joy of the party. That UHF explores each stage. No two are alike, and everyone is required to deliver the emotion of the moment”.

“Eu Vou ao Norte” is now available on digital platforms.

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