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Our suggestions for Halloween 2020

Do you already have plans for Halloween? Check here some options to have fun with family or friends

This unusual year due to the pandemic there are few events and parties, but you can continue to have fun with your friends and family! Here are some suggestions for enjoying your Halloween, of course, with the appropriate security measures.

Halloween walk in Monsanto

7:50 pm
€ 6

The night brings terror on Halloween day. And if you’re not ready for big parties of trick or treat, embark on another type of adventure – a walk. Next to the Ajuda Palace entrance, in the parking lot, it will be the meeting point of the walk organized by Caminhando that will challenge you to face your fears in family and among the thickets of Monsanto night. In total there are 11 km between parks and viewpoints, such as the Miradouro e Jardins de Montes Claros or the Parque Recreativo do Alvito, all under the dark cloak of the sky and, who knows, the sounds that the night brings. The meeting point is at the Palácio da Ajuda Car Park.

The play “Abyss” at Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça

9:30 pm
€ 5

“Sometimes we fall into chasms created by ourselves, barriers that prevent us from reaching our goal or words and looks.” ABYSIS “is a synopsis of oneself: words that have fallen into oblivion or lives that want to cling to the cliff side of the cliff It is an “I” that is reflected in all of us and in documented stories brought to the stage. An autobiographical leap of faith that hides behind interviews. The abyss is based on an idea of perspective, if turned upside down, become it will become a mountain. ”


Screening of the film “The Witches of Roald Dahl” by Robert Zemeckis at the Casa das Artes, in Arcos de Valdevez

Casa das Artes in Arcos de Valdevez
10 pm

On Halloween day at 10 pm, the Auditorium of Casa das Artes, in Arcos de Valdevez, will show the film “The Witches of Roald Dahl” by Robert Zemeckis, admission is free!

Synopsis: In 1967, a young orphan goes to live with his grandmother in a rural Alabama town, Demopolis. When the boy and the grandmother encounter charming but devilishly treacherous witches, the grandmother decides to take her grandson to a seaside resort. Unfortunately, they arrive at the same time that the Witch-Major decides to meet with the witch friends to, in disguise, carry out her abominable plans.


Dance show “Radio Me” at the Municipal Auditorium of Vila do Conde

Municipal Auditorium of Vila do Conde
9:30 pm
€ 10

When a woman’s euphoria and introspection are interrupted by urban mirones, her living room becomes a stage for uncontrolled exhibitionism. ” A show choreographed by Isabel Agonia and performed by Cátia Nicolau.

This cultural equipment of the city ensures the conditions of hygiene and safety to the users, within the scope of the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health, having been distinguished with the seal “Clean & Safe”.


Halloween at the Factory, in Aveiro

Aveiro Live Science Center Factory
10 am > 5 pm

The Factory is bewitched! Come live Halloween in a scientifically surprising and totally safe way. In each of the laboratories there is fun science!

Trick or treat?! | The Kitchen is a Laboratory
In the kitchen you will be able to explore the properties of “witches-pumpkins” and elaborate, with this ingredient and all the scientific rigor, treats or antics, so common in these truly chilling days!

Sticking, goo and other snot | Laboratory
Come and learn how to do “fun nojiiiiices” at the Laboratory! Whether it is with Abracadabra or well followed protocol ?! Come and find out! What is certain is that, when adding certain polymers, chemical reactions happen and… a slime-slime-irresistible gel is formed!

Bewitched robots | Robots Workshop 
Without fear, enter the world of technology! Roll up your wizard’s sleeves, pull your scientist brain and then, exploring Lego robotics kits (WeDo and Mindstorms EV3), you’ll be able to build efficient and completely bewitched robots!

Optical devils
Light and action! After exploring the beginnings of the animated film stories, you’ll understand how moving images are made, and you’ll love building scary fun optical toys!


Casa do Capitão, Lisbon
€ 5

This concert exists because monsters exist! There are those who believe in them or not. Some claim that they exist (but have never seen them), others say that we invented them and are just the fruit of imagination! This is a small concert with songs that talk about beasts, monsters, and how these creatures can scare no one!


VRAAALLOWEEN VENGA VENGA – Dj set at Casa do Capitão

Casa do Capitão, Lisbon
9 pm
€ 4

Creatures out of time and their trembling bodies get up and prepare for darkness and invite them on a mind-boggling journey! RELEASE YOUR SOULS! It’s time for VRAAAALLOWEEN VENGA VENGA!


Show “Be-Dom” at Hard Club Porto

Hard Club Porto
9:30 pm
€ 15 (ticket in streaming € 5)

Be-Dom” is the most recognized Portuguese percussion group out there. They are called “Be-Dom” and will present on October 31st, at 9:30 pm, a family-oriented show as a celebration of Halloween. This interactive performance for all ages is driven by rhythm and brings together the areas of music, theater, and humor, with the particularity of also being the celebration of the 20th anniversary of “be-dom” in this return to the stages of your city. This natural sextet from Valongo uses everyday objects such as cans, drums and bottles as musical instruments and involves the audience in their party rhythm while transmitting important environmental messages and raising the banner of recycling and sustainability.


Labyrinth Lisbon

€ 15

Labirinto Lisboa is the only permanent horror house in Portugal. An intense horror experience, combining real actors and special effects, through 17 themed scenes. Go through a secret maze of dark and surprising passages. An unforgettable trip to the past to witness, live, the most frightening characters and legends of Portugal.


Once in a Blue Moon

In view of the current pandemic, it makes perfect sense to stay home if you prefer! Combine with your group of friends or family and have the party at your home! Enjoy and see the Blue Moon from your balcony!

The phenomenon happens once every two and a half years, on average, but the name is not directly related to the bluish tone of the Earth’s natural satellite. The so-called “Blue Moon” is the phenomenon that occurs when the Full Moon phase occurs twice in the same month, as explained by the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory. The second Full Moon is the “Blue Moon”.

And this month of October will have exactly two full moons, with the second coinciding with Halloween, October 31st.



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