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Autumn at Cícero Bistrot

Even though we have reached the shorter days of autumn, there is a place where art and gastronomy warm the atmosphere, comforting the soul and body. At Cícero Bistrot there is a series of good news to tell that fills the station in an immersion that dances between various artistic expressions. Shall we get to know them?

Cícero Bistrot Personality of the Year Award

Cícero Bistrot launched a special initiative: the Cícero Bistrot Award – Personality of the Year. Everyone who visits the restaurant gallery will be invited to choose the current personality they consider most relevant in different areas – from the arts to politics, including the economy or social intervention. The motto for choosing the Personality of the Year is simple: Cícero Bistrot is much more than just a restaurant and has positioned itself, since its opening, as a hub for aggregating ideas, debates, and conversations, among other initiatives that aim to enhance the relations between Brazil, Portugal and Europe, similar to the spirit of Cícero Dias himself, which is the “backdrop” of no. 171 Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, in Campo de Ourique, the choice of each one must also fall on some relevant personality in public life who, through their actions, also proactively promotes this connection.

Cícero Bistrot also intends to honour the legacy of Cícero Dias, not only through the art he shares on its walls, but above all through his intervention at various levels throughout his life, Picasso’s friend who led the art of Brazil to the world and helped the country to connect with it.

Voting takes place throughout the year and the Person of the Year chosen by Cícero Bistrot’s customers will always be announced on 12/23 of each year, the date of Cícero Dias’ wedding to Frenchwoman Raymond, at the Basílica da Estrela, in Lisbon.

In the second year of the life of Cícero Bistrot, in addition to a new menu created by Chef Hugo Cortez and which celebrates another year, but also, above all, the strong connection between art and gastronomy, and many conversations, debates and episodes of “Na Mesa do Cícero”, with various personalities from “here and there” who promote this Brazil-Portugal-Europe axis, according to Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo, co-founder of Cícero Bistrot: “The creation of a prize for personalities that work to bring Brazil closer to Portugal and Europe is an initiative that brings countless benefits to both countries and strengthens the historical, cultural and economic ties between them.”

Lis_bela_boa: Sydney Tendler’s Lisbon

Sidnei Tendler, a visual artist with works exhibited at Cícero Bistrot, was recently in Lisbon to present his latest project: Lis_bela_boa.

Passionate about life in cities, Sidnei Tendler travelled to the capital to (re)discover the neighbourhoods, and the people and was also inspired by Fernando Pessoa and José Saramago to translate his impressions first into video and photography, then moving on to watercolours and, finally, to screens. On a journey from what he sees to what he feels, Sidnei goes from the real and figurative to the abstract, in a creative process that he calls UndedUn (“one that has the Other within itself”).

After completing the first part, of the visit, Sidnei Tendler returned to Belgium, where he lives, but left a collection of 6 watercolours by Lis_bela_boa that can be enjoyed at Cícero Bistrot until November 15th.

A trip to the flavours of the Bay during lunch

The proposal is simple: travel. Even if it’s on the plate!
This autumn, Cícero Bistrot proposes a trip to the Bay with an executive lunch menu that breaks the rules and breaks the routine. A perfect fusion between art and gastronomy, our Bahian moquecas are also inspired by modern Brazilian art. Choose from Moqueca Baiana de Robalo or Moqueca Baiana de Camarão, accompanied by basmati rice, “farofinha” in butter and finished with coconut shavings. Completing the Moqueca Executive Menu is a Cod Tiborna (starter) and Chocolate Mousse or Pineapple Carpaccio (dessert). A Caiprinha or a glass of Belle de Jour wine completes the lunch, which costs €28/person without drinks, or €33 with drinks. An explosion of unique flavours and colours that transport us to the Bay without leaving Lisbon!

La Belle de Jour: a song, a wine and always art

Alceu Valença, a Brazilian singer who shares his time with Lisbon, is a regular presence in the rooms of Cícero Bistrot.
The singer-songwriter, born in Pernambuco and with a career spanning more than 5 decades, is the author of several hits, including La Belle de Jour, which is now a wine. Red, white or rosé, this wine is the result of a partnership between Alceu Valença and Quinta da Atela. Now on sale in Brazil, it can also be found at Cícero Bistrot. La Belle de Jour, the 1992 song, is a romantic lyric that tells the story of the most beautiful girl in the whole city, on Boa Viagem beach, in Recife. This romantic side and the art that comes from music found an “ally” in the very Portuguese art of making wine.
A wine to create memories in a sensorial experience that combines art and gastronomy. We toast to that!

Picasso: a new creation

Cícero Dias and Pablo Picasso became unexpected friends during their lives, so much so that they were compadres. Cícero Dias was the godfather of Paloma, Picasso’s daughter, and Picasso was the godfather of Cícero’s only daughter, Sylvia Dias. Cícero and Raymond, Sylvia’s father and mother, got married in Estrela, in Lisbon. It is therefore no surprise that Sylvia chose Cícero Bistrot to celebrate her most recent birthday. On the occasion, Sylvia made available a Picasso painting, from her personal collection, which will be on display for a limited time at Cícero Bistrot.

For the occasion of celebrating such a special anniversary, Chef Hugo Cortez has meticulously created a masterpiece that combines the complex and vibrant flavours of wild salmon and prawns, with Mediterranean influences, using only fresh vegetables to balance the creation with aromas and earthy textures.
The ‘work’ is adorned with a subtle and abstract design inspired by a Picasso lithograph – on display on the walls of Cícero Bistrot – created with vibrant and edible colours. The dish thus pays homage to Picasso, friendship and art.
Picasso: Wild salmon with mini courgette topping, prawns in noisette butter, sweet potato puree, Indian sauce (curry and saffron filaments) and cherry, beetroot and green apple passata.

At Cícero’s Table: new episodes of Gente de Cá e de Lá

Cícero Bistrot is also usually the stage for unusual meetings: debates, gatherings and a series of episodes that highlight Gente de Cá e de Lá na Mesa do Cícero.
This Cícero Bistrot project has always had as one of its central points the stimulation of relations between Brazil – Portugal – Europe. This bridge is made, first and foremost, through art, which speaks the universal language of affection.
After lunch with President Lula, in November 2022, the idea came up of holding a series of meetings in a more organized way to generate content about these relationships from different points of view.

This is a dialogue project about the important relationship between Europe and Brazil, led by José-Manuel Diogo, president of the Associação Portugal Brasil 200 anos and columnist for Folha de S. Paulo and Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo, entrepreneur, partner and co-founder from Cícero Bistrot.

After José Manuel Durão Barroso, Gilmar Mendes, Isabel Lucas, José Luís Carneiro, Antônio Grassi and Luís Faro Ramos, arrive at the conversation table at Cícero Bistrot João Moura, Deputy and President of the Portugal-Brazil Friendship Group who talks about the rapprochement, increasingly growing, between the two countries and Antônio Carlos de Almeida Castro (Kakay), a Brazilian criminal lawyer, recognized for providing legal services to politicians, businesspeople and celebrities.

Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 171 – Lisbon
Contacts and reservations: (+351) 966 913 699 –
Lunches: Tuesday to Saturday – 12:30 pm-3:30 pm
Dinners: Mondays and Tuesdays – 7 pm-10 pm;
Wednesdays and Thursdays – 7 pm-10:30 pm;
Fridays and Saturdays – 7 pm-11:30 pm
Closed on Sundays (all day) and Mondays (lunch).

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