OutSystems launches Cloud Accelerators for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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OutSystems, a leader in the platform market for rapid application development, today announces the launch of new components and features with the aim of helping companies accelerate innovation while keeping up with the speed of business change.

Cloud Accelerators for Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced ahead of the OutSystems event and AWS Cloud Innovation Summit, allow developers to take advantage of the power of AWS on the OutSystems platform for digital transformation initiatives.

In an initial phase, OutSystems is delivering seven accelerators for crucial areas of digital transformation: transformation of the customer experience, innovation in the workplace, process optimization, and technology modernization.

Accelerators combine components, samples, and training to help developers create and develop scalable applications quickly and continuously that take advantage of the main AWS services and that support the following use cases:

  • Digital Identity Verification: provides an onboarding experience with identity verification workflows, which include facial correspondence for authorized users, and comparison of a photo or selfie with an identification document, such as a driving license, developed on Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Video Call Validation: allows the use of video for a set of use cases, including identity verification during the client’s onboarding or support of assistance services using Amazon Kinesis or Chime.
  • Self-Service Chatbot: Reduces pressure on call centers by providing artificial intelligence chatbots and the ability to escalate to a human support agent as needed, with Amazon Lex and Amazon Comprehend technology.
  • Virtual personal assistant for customers and employees: offers new ways to interact with customers and employees using voice and virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa.
  • Multilingual chatbot: provides chatbots that are capable of communicating in any language, using Amazon Translation Services, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Transcribe.
  • Multilingual video interaction: allows interaction through video and in real time to support new use cases related to customer involvement, with Amazon Kinesis technology, Amazon Translation Services and Amazon Transcribe.
  • Personalized streaming experience: offers superior experiences of innovation in the workplace, such as onboarding and employee training, created on Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.

“OutSystems’ Cloud Accelerators are built around the existing relationship with AWS to help all organizations innovate through software,” explains Patrick Jean, CTO at OutSystems. “The past year has brought a lot of pressure to companies and has aggravated old software challenges, accelerating the need for innovation. We are launching these resources to give developers of companies of all sizes and sectors a way to build modern applications in the cloud quickly, correctly, and prepared for the changes of the future ”.

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