OutSystems Named Leader in Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Low-Code Enterprise Application Platforms

OutSystems, the leading provider of low-code platforms for rapid application development, has been named Leader in the new Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Low-Code Enterprise Application Platforms. * This Magic Quadrant has been renamed by Gartner this year; previously it was called the Magic Quadrant for High Productivity Business Applications Platforms as a Service. This is Gartner’s second of two market categories where OutSystems has recently been named leader – Low-Code Enterprise Application Platforms and Multi-Experience Development Platforms.

OutSystems believes one thing is clear – low-code is the future of application development. It will overtake traditional code as the preferred platform for delivering applications in the coming years. Gartner estimates that ‘by 2024, low-code application development accounts for over 65% of application development activity’.

Low-code has helped OutSystems customers achieve unparalleled results such as:
● Schneider Electric launched 60 apps in 20 months, most delivered in just 10 weeks.
● Ricoh replaced legacy systems, achieving a 253% ROI and a return in just 7 months.
● thinkmoney developed a modern digital banking experience in just 14 weeks.

‘Our customers are achieving incredible results on our platform,’ says Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. Amos We believe Gartner’s latest distinction simply reinforces what we’ve heard for years: OutSystems enables companies to capture new markets, create new services, and attract and retain customers in new and unimaginable ways. We are pioneers in this space and will continue to lead the way. ‘

OutSystems’ low-code development platform addresses critical issues such as the growing demand for new enterprise applications, the need to modernize older systems, and the shortage of full-stack programmers. OutSystems encompasses the widest range of features for enterprise-level development and complete lifecycle management, including business process management, workflow integration, UIs, business logic, data models, web services, and APIs. OutSystems provides access to capabilities such as advanced web and mobile user experience, B2C support, and even computerized batch processing. OutSystems customers report that they selected the company for its strong vision and innovation.

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