OutSystems technology is already taught at more than 60 universities

The low-code OutSystems is taught at 66 universities worldwide, 13 of which are in Portugal.

These values mean that in the last year almost four thousand students took classes with the technology of the national company OutSystems worldwide, more than a thousand in the country. The technology also plans to quadruple protocols with universities by the end of this year.

After going international to train more professionals in OutSystems technology with the Low-Code School, the technology also announces that 350 students were hired in the last year, mostly in Portugal and the Netherlands.

The project allows free licensing of the low-code platform to be offered to universities around the world who wish to use it for educational purposes. OutSystems helps prepare teachers, offers training materials, technical support during integration and free access to different Associate level certifications.

Most universities that teach OutSystems are located in Europe. However, the company refers to “numerous protocols” signed with universities in other regions of the world, such as the United States, India, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. In the last few months, 22 protocols have been signed.





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