“Over recriminations”, Marcelo receives invitation to go to Angola

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa received the Angolan counterpart, João Lourenço, at the Palace of Belém late Thursday morning. The Portuguese head of state, who said he would “love” to be invited to Angola, expected few days until you actually receive the invitation in person. Thus, next year, it is Marcelo’s turn to ‘step on’ the Angolan solo.

João Lourenço’s visit to Portugal is too long in the reciprocal visits of the two heads of state, and at the same time, it begins a new and promising cycle.” These were the first words of the President of the Republic addressed to João Lourenço, in the Palace of Belém.

According to Marcelo, this new cycle of relations between Portugal and Angola has “three dimensions that are completed”. The first, “the presidency of your excellence.”

The governance of the peoples always keeps in mind the brand of government, the personality and the presidential program of your excellence represent this brand,” said the Portuguese head of state, extolling the proposals of João Lourenço.

Desire for change, generational renewal, revision of methods, financial equilibrium, diversification and economic growth, affirmation of the rule of law, fight against corruption, the projection of future as a regional power in the world,” he said.

The second dimension, Marcelo said, respects the State and relates the Angolan State to the Portuguese State. And, in this aspect, the Portuguese President highlighted the turning of the page in the relations between the two countries.

Recurring recriminations, suspicions, misunderstandings – some very old ones more recent -, assuming Angola as manifest and growing relevance in all latitudes and longitudes, it is easier to find ways to complete and narrow with Portugal (…) More and more destined to act with fruitful complicity, “he emphasized.

Finally, “the dimension of the dimensions of this new cycle, the dimension of peoples”. And here the Portuguese head of state stressed that “politicians serve the states to serve the people.” “It is therefore good that the agreements to be celebrated tomorrow in education, health, culture, justice, economy and finance served the concrete needs of the people,” Marcelo said before giving the floor to the Angolan President, who announced the visit of the Portuguese head of state to Angola for next year.

Next year, it will be Marcelo’s turn to visit Angola

Angolan President João Lourenço later announced in his speech that the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, will visit Angola next year, on a “date to be adjusted for diplomacy.”

We are giving the opportunity, during your visit to Angola next year, when the diplomats will agree, we can also sign cooperation instruments that will consolidate our ties of friendship and economic cooperation,” said the Angolan head of state, who started a three-day visit to Portugal today.

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