Paint a wall without being arrested

If you want to make a graffiti, know that you can paint a wall without having problems with the authorities. This, of course, if you paint in the right place. Inspire yourself to look at the panels of the Galeria de Arte Urbana, Calçada da Glória and Largo do Oliveirinha. Then pick up the cans and start thinking about making your own mural. Or at least scribbles. It is near the Largo, in Travessa do Fala-Só, that finds two walls of “free painting”. You will notice them easily, as they are full of random tags and phrases painted on top of each other. In the end, take a picture of your work of art, because sooner or later somebody will cover it. Discover other free access surfaces here.

Travessa do Fala-Só (near Elevador da Glória)

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