Palacete do Morgado da Casa da Cova / Condes de Sampayo opened to the public

Alhos Vedros

The Palacete do Morgado da Casa da Cova / Condes de Sampayo, located in Largo do Descargador, in Alhos Vedros, opened to the public on December 17, after the conclusion of the first phase of the rehabilitation works, with an exhibition of the Royal Collection, a set of paintings from the 18th century that portrays and represent the kings of Portugal, by the painter and portraitist Miguel António do Amaral.

It is with great pride that we inaugurate and present this new equipment of the network of cultural infrastructures in the municipality of Moita, a new and very important cultural resource that projects the Palacete do Morgado da Casa da Cova / Palacete Condes de Sampayo as the future headquarters of the Municipal Museum da Moita”, said the mayor of Moita, Carlos Albino, at the opening.

President Carlos Albino also referred that “the municipal cultural services are preparing the museological program for the future Municipal Museum, with the challenge of ensuring the requirements that allow its accreditation and integration in the Portuguese Network of Museums”.

The Palacete Condes de Sampayo was functionally connected to the Moinho de Maré da Azenha, thus constituting a single cultural space with versatility and conditions to host cultural and artistic projects of different natures and characteristics, from exhibitions to conferences, including small shows.

The first phase of Palacete’s conservation and restoration intervention, a project by the Víctor Mestre – Sofia Aleixo architects studio, represented an investment of more than 920,000.00 euros, co-financed by Lisboa 2020 | Portugal 2020 | European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). A second phase is also foreseen for this mandate to conclude the project.

The Palacete is now open to the general public with an exhibition of the Royal Collection, which has been in the custody of the Municipality since the end of the 19th century, and is unique in the country, consisting of 26 paintings, 19 of which are part of this exhibition and are displayed to the general public for the first time.

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