Palácio Chiado presents the ‘Cursed Palace’

A meal that promises to be eerily appetizing and a feast of bewitching.

The night witches walk around, gather friends, savour a truly scary menu, and end up with a haunted party with a lot of horror of the mix until 4:00 a.m. can be a lot of fun.

As a proposal for dinner for this night of shivering, you can not miss original delicacies as well as a night chained with sombre surprises.

In the renovated Chiado Palace you can count on the Maldito menu, specially developed for October 31st, the most haunted night of the year. For Pre curse is served Salmon Tataki with no skeleton avocado, cursed cashew, supernatural beet and enchanted rocket. As a main dish or rather, for the Curse is served Bull’s Steak to Dracula, potato gratin and Granny Smith’s apple of the Wicked Witch, Dark Vegetables. For the Post-Curse, and if you choose the sweetness, you can indulge in a raspberry cheesecake at the Palace haunted with Devil’s fruit coulis. To taste along the Curse, we find a different range of potions – white and red wine Quinta da Quinta, waters, soft drinks, beer and coffees.

To give continuity to the celebration, and make the night incredible and memorable, nothing better than freeing all the spells at the party, which reserves great and risky surprises.

With or without disguise can give a dance floor, listen to good music and enter the mood of Halloween.

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