Palmela Medieval Fair – Moments to relive history

Another great Medieval Fair was held in Palmela, perhaps one of the best in Portugal.

The Palmela Medieval Fair, already a tradition, but continues to dazzle those who pass by, to live a little history and traditions, some lost in time.

In addition to the usual knights, hawks or ladies and maidens, Palmela can bring to the party all the surroundings, which transports us to this time, and has large participation of volunteers that further enhance the party.

Of course, such a party could only have a large popular participation, and all these thousands of people did not waste their time, as all the salespeople and volunteers who participated in it.

One of the most awaited moments is the parade, which no one wants to miss, to the great joy of the great and the small, but also the “liça” – combat, with sword fighting, or tests of skill and dexterity on horseback, or combat with spears, which had the support of the public, cheering each of the stands by the favorite riders.

After the fighting, a demonstration of falconry, which all dazzled and which was attended by volunteers from the public, showing the great expertise of the birds of prey that were present.

The Fair also has vendors, artisans doing their work live, lots of crafts, food, and drink, be it about the time. But also with dance performances, music and drama of medieval situations, which entertain visitors in various places.

Palmela dazzled everyone who went there during the 3 days of the Medieval Fair, but we are already waiting for next year’s edition, which we hope will be even better.

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