Palmela receives environmental education exhibition “Superamigo – Trash in the Sewage, No!”

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In the months of August and September, it will be possible to visit, at the Municipal Library of Palmela and the Municipal Market of Pinhal Novo, the traveling exhibition of environmental education “Superamigo – Lixo no Esgoto, Não!”.

The exhibition is part of the campaign with the same name launched by SIMARSUL, which aims to raise awareness of the improper placement of waste in sanitation networks and its negative impact on the treatment process and wastewater infrastructure. The awareness campaign had the participation of workers from SIMARSUL and their family members and was conveyed through various means (billboards, press, online, among others).

Within the scope of the project, this exhibition was also created, which, in close articulation with the municipal partners of SIMARSUL, will visit various locations in the coming months. The exhibition tells the story of the “heroes” who fight the “monsters” made of garbage and grease, which people and industries unduly dump into the sewers. The work of the “heroes” is not enough and, therefore, they need the help of each one of us – the “Superfriends” – so that we don’t throw the garbage in the sewers and don’t turn the toilet into a garbage can!

The exhibition shows the real “monsters”, made of waste that is improperly discharged into the sewers, causing clogging in the sewerage networks and harming the wastewater treatment process. The sanitation activity is essential for public health and for the environment in the Setúbal Peninsula. The exhibition’s message calls for everyone to do their part: “Trash in the Sewage, No!”

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