Panoramic of Monsanto, in Lisbon, receives the imminent in September

The Iminente festival, which brings together music and urban art, returns in September, taking place for the first time in Lisbon, in the Panoramic of Monsanto, after Oeiras and London, today announced the organization of the initiative.

The festival “to see and hear new music and new art in an experience of intense collective intimacy” will take place on September 21, 22 and 23 in that space, which the organization considers, in a statement released today, “probably one of the sites most incredible in the world to make a festival. ”

The first two editions of the Imminent in Portugal took place in September 2016 and 2017 in the Municipal Garden of Oeiras, always sold out. In July of last year the festival arrived in London.

In this edition, the alignment, which brings together individual and collective artists, among musicians, DJs, producers, designers, illustrators and visual artists, was “made to widen the horizons even more internationally but always with a focus on the artistic diaspora of lusophony “.

Alignment of artists, whose art “will continue to occupy space as if it had been there forever,” includes reprisals at the festival such as the Portuguese Miguel Januário (with the project ± mais ± ± ±), Alexandre Farto (Vhils) and Wasted Rita, as well as newcomers such as Spanish duo Pichiavo, Frenchman of Portuguese origin André Saraiva, Angolan Francisco Vidal and Portuguese Ricardo Jacinto, Pedro Gramaxo and FAHR 021.3.

Of the musical poster, many of the others include De M Soul, De La Soul, rapper Havoc, half of Mobb Deep, Angolan singer Bonga, Syrian musician Omar Suleyman and Portuguese Conan Osiris, Octa Push, Keso, Vale, Gisela João, Fogo Fogo, Norberto Lobo, Sara Tavares, Napoleão Mira, Carlão, Nídia, DJ Glue and Marta Ren & The Groovelvets.

The organization warns that this year “can not go by car” to the festival, “but you can go for a ‘shuttle’ (Carris will help), or bike, or walk.”

Tickets will go on sale from September 4 at 4pm, and are limited to 4,500 per day. The tickets for this edition cost ten euros, in the previous ones cost five, and, like the other editions, there are no passes for the three days.

In this edition, the imminent, curated by Vhils, the platform Underdogs and publishers Enchufada, Príncipe and Versus, is co-organized with the Lisbon City Council.

The Panoramic of Monsanto, built in the Forest Park of Monsanto in 1968 and allowing a panoramic view of Lisbon, has been abandoned since 2001, the year in which it closed the restaurant that worked there.

Over the years, and despite the degradation, the building was being used by many as a belvedere.

A year ago, the Chamber of Lisbon carried out in the space works of cleaning and placing of railings and execution of walls to enable access and movement of people in safety conditions.

In September of last year, the space became an officially recognized lookout point, with opening and closing times.

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