Pope Francis invites Pedro Abrunhosa

for a meeting at the Vatican

Pedro Abrunhosa was the musician invited by Pope Francis to represent Portugal at the “Pope Meets Artists” meeting to take place in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, on the morning of this Friday, June 23rd. Despite assuming himself as an agnostic, the artist considers his music “believing”.

“Perhaps it was the ability to pacify and unite through music that aroused the interest of the Vatican”, says Pedro Abrunhosa. He adds that “there is a deep connection established between my music and the public, evident in the shows, which often turn them into collective celebrations of peace through Art”.

Honored by the unexpected invitation of the Pontiff, Pedro Abrunhosa underlines the “unusual character of Pope Francis, his dedication to the cause of refugees, the weakest, the excluded” as well as the “frontality in addressing sensitive issues of background that demanded, for a long time, positions in line with the times”.

The artist adds that “naturally, for the extraordinary human being that he is, as well as for the change he represents, for his position on the role of Art in society, it will be an immense honor to meet him”, he expresses.

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