Parade of more than 630 mordomas opens today in Viana the Romaria d’Agonia

More than 630 mordomas from five countries will parade today, at 16:00, through the main arteries of Viana do Castelo, with all the party dresses, in the first of four days of the Romaria d’Agonia.

The parade of stewardship is the moment in which the different costumes of the parishes of Viana meet and show, at one time to the city.

The tradition, more and more rooted among the young women and women of Viana do Castelo, and that joins several generations, marks, this year, the 50 years of its first realization.

The stewardship parade is the way for the organizers to present compliments to the various authorities, state, municipal and ecclesiastical present in the city.

For four years, the women of the river, with their wand dresses, also participate in this parade.

As you walk through the main streets of the city, the stewardship parade leaves a trail of color from the red, green and yellow of typical and garrulous clothes to Vianesa, the first of the country to achieve certification.

There are also the most sober wedding dresses, black in color. In this issue, some of the women even carry tens of kilos of gold, gathering the pieces of families and friends in a single chest, symbolizing the chieira (term minhoto meaning pride) and once the financial power of the families.

The costume assumes itself as a traditional symbol of the region, in its various forms, depending on the occasion and status of the woman. In linen and with several characteristic colors, where red and black stand out, it was used by the girls of the villages around the city of Viana do Castelo.

The characteristics of this costume, such as its color and the profusion of decorative elements, allow you to easily identify the region of origin in the county, which is why, according to experts, has become “a symbol of local identity.”

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