Paredes de Coura 2019 will be from August 14 to 17 and wants to “improve what is already perfect”

The Paredes de Coura 2019 Festival will be from August 14 to 17 with the objective of “improving what is already perfect”, but without “never” widening the grounds, so as not to lose magic, the organization announced today.

In the already traditional lunch of rock of the festival, that today has the last night of concerts in the Fluvial Beach of the Taboão with the head of Arcade Fire poster, the director of the event, João Carvalho, also assured that, despite the attention to the musical market, Paredes of Coura “will never become a hip-hop festival.”

The three days of Paredes de Coura will be, as happened in the last editions, preceded by the Sobe a Vila, “a festival within the festival” that has, according to João Carvalho, “increasing the complicity between the population and the event and is also the way the Paredes de Coura Festival thank the locality “that receives the event.

“I would like to have a new access, to improve the camping, to create areas that could be used year-round and not only in the festival, but to increase the area,” said João Oak.

In this year’s edition, one of the stakes was the coming of Sekpta, artist grime, who filled the natural amphitheater on the banks of Coura on Friday night: “This is not a hip-hop festival and will never be. experience, you have to understand these phenomena and for the year will also depend on what the market dictates, “replied the event manager when asked about introducing a new musical style in the poster.

Regarding this year’s edition, the organization was satisfied and considered it “a success”, as indeed, he said, is the history of Paredes de Coura.

“It was, once again, a success, especially considering that it is a festival done in the interior of the country, which is quite different from doing it in Lisbon or in Porto,” said João Carvalho.

The challenge for the next editions, pointed out Leonor Dias, from Vodafone, partner of the festival, “is to improve what is already perfect.”

“This festival is much more than music, it is the festival with more culture in Portugal and this was also noticed in the bet of ‘downloads’ of literary works (1,300 works downloaded free),” he said.

For the night today, the organization’s expectations are “at least high.”

“We wait for one night to the best level of Paredes de Coura, with sold out, which points to about 27 thousand people in the enclosure, at least,” said João Carvalho.

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