Parfois starts testing US market in New York

The Portuguese brand Parfois gives the first step to the expansion in the United States market with a presence in the HiO multi-brand store that opened recently in New York.

Parfois will be presented today in Brooklyn, New York, as part of HiO, a multi-brand store that sells products from only nine international companies, with an area of between 60 and 70 square meters.

Parfois general director Sérgio Marques said that this is a response to an invitation from the company HiO, which was a partnership in which he is “very proud” but does not represent a plan to open a United States (USA).

For Parfois, this is a possibility to do “a first and small test to the North American market, framed with other brands and an operator that offer credibility.”

“If the result is good, in a while it may lead to an easier decision in the future to expand to the United States,” said the CEO of the Portuguese company.

HiO opened in Brooklyn at the end of August and has seen very positive results in Parfois sales.

“We are very proud of this partnership with HiO, founded by the Spanish Sever Garcia. We have friendship and professional confidence … and we are very enthusiastic about what they are doing in the United States,” said Sergio Marques.

Parfois products to be sold in New York are, as in most cases, designed in Portugal and manufactured in Asia.

“Factories produce samples according to the indications they receive, while we control the entire production cycle, from where we buy the raw material, which raw material and detach responsible for the quality control in the factories,” explained Sérgio Marques.

The businessman argued that this new point of sale has weight in the Portuguese trade balance because the products are imported from Asia and re-exported abroad. “All the added value of product design, ‘design’, chain management and the brand itself is in Portugal,” he said.

Parfois, present in 60 countries, has no store in the US, which is considered a “very mature market” by the CEO. “A market that is going through some crisis in the more traditional retailers,” an important aspect to consider before opening a store, he argued.

According to the CEO, only 17% of Parfois’ sales are made in Portugal, which means that 83% of sales are made in almost 900 stores worldwide in 60 countries.

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