Paris celebrates “day dedicated to Portugal”, promoted by the community

Paris will host a “day dedicated to Portugal” with a gala and a meeting of Portuguese-speaking associations on Saturday, October 13 at the Hôtel de Ville.

“It is a day dedicated to Portugal in Paris.We have the gala at night and during the day, there is the national meeting of Portuguese associations in France.Therefore we have a whole day in which the Paris Chamber is mobilized for the Portuguese community, told Luciana Gouveia, delegate general of the Association Cap Magellan, who is in charge of the artistic program of the gala.

The eighth edition of Gala Night, offered by the Paris City Council and programmed by Cap Magellan, will bring together 650 guests, including artists, businessmen, community leaders, politicians, teachers and “lusophone or lusophile students.”

In the noble halls of the Hôtel de Ville, in the center of Paris, fadista Rodrigo Costa Félix will appear on the stage, while António Manuel Ribeiro, leader of the UHF, João Grande, founder of the Taxi and Boss AC will act alongside young people nominated for the artistic revelation prize.

“The spirit of Cap Magellan, from the beginning, is to bring together established artists in Portugal with Lusophone and Lusophone youth, to challenge the first ones in order to make special moments with unknown young people,” Luciana Gouveia explained.

The gala, which will be presented by José Carlos Malato and the lusceptible Sónia Carneiro, will also reward associative projects, students, singers, young entrepreneurs and citizen initiatives.

The event was held for the first time in 2011 after a “Treaty of Friendship” between Paris and Lisbon signed by the then autarchists António Costa and Bertrand Delanoë, and is marked, every year, near the date of the Implantation of the Portuguese Republic .

“The gala comes from a political initiative of the municipal councils of Paris and Lisbon.The purpose of the association is to propose a memorable program and that the gala evening is an essential part of the annual program for the Portuguese community in Paris and even in France in general. We wanted it to be an example for other cities in France and it should even be a community demand, but then we enter into another debate, which is our eternal transparency, “added the association leader.

Throughout the day, the Coordination of the Portuguese Communities of France (CCPF) will organize the 15th National Meeting of the Portuguese Associations of France and the 2nd Meeting of the Lusophone Associations, under the theme “The associative world in Europe / The Future of Europe”.

“On the eve of the European elections of 2019 and at a time when some European countries have chosen ideological recollection, the future of Europe seems to be compromised.” Coordination of the Portuguese Communities of France proposes to Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking associations to reflect on these European issues, indicates the event created on a Facebook page.

Among the issues being discussed will be “What future for Europe and for which Europe? What role can associations play in the construction of Europe? What can Europe bring to the membership world? What is the place of the Portuguese language and cultures? Portuguese language in Europe? ”

The guests of the round tables are the former ambassador to France Francisco Seixas da Costa, historians Miguel Guerra and Vítor Pereira, writer Nuno Gomes Garcia, Adeline Afonso, president of the association Jeunes Européens -Paris, Ricardo Lopes, founder and director of the magazine JG Jumelage / Geminações, Ana-Maria Torres, municipal councilor in the city of Bordeaux, and Luísa Semedo, president of the regional section of Europe of the Council of Portuguese Communities.

The day dedicated to Portuguese culture takes place on the weekend when Portugal returns to stand out in the Party of the Harvests of Montmartre, with delicacies, wines and crafts.

Portugal participates in the event for the second consecutive year and will be represented by the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz, by the Intercommunity Community of Tâmega and Sousa and by the Intermunicipal Community of Beira Baixa.

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