Paris hits record temperature in the middle of heat wave in Europe

Paris today reached 41 degrees Celsius, setting a record high amid an extreme heatwave that is affecting millions of people in central Europe but is due to end Friday.

Forecasters point out that this is already the second heatwave that has covered Europe this summer, bringing normally temperate cities such as London, Berlin or Paris to peak temperatures.

In the French capital, the thermometers today reached 41 degrees Celsius, at 14:00 local time (13:00 in Lisbon), exceeding the temperature record since validated accounting, which dated July 28, 1947, when Paris recorded 40.4 degrees Celsius.

At Heathrow Airport, outside London, the thermometers reached 36.9 degrees Celsius, making today the hottest this summer and one of the hottest since temperatures began to be recorded (in 1865), with the record to stay close at 38.5 degrees Celsius, reached in 2003.

French weather services have already warned Parisians, as well as residents of central and northern cities like Lille or Reims, to prepare for a temperature rise of up to 43 degrees Celsius throughout the day.

The heatwave has plagued central Europe persistently and continuously since the beginning of this week and has prompted civil protection services to raise levels of intense heat alert in several countries.

The persistence of extreme heat is considered very dangerous, especially for the older population, and several warnings are being made for ” situations created by the combination of smog and smog), especially in densely populated cities. are being hit.

London today reached 39 degrees Celsius and areas of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland have temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

European meteorological institutes are also reporting deteriorating air quality in some regions and are warning of the amplification of pollution damage in these canicle conditions, with consequences such as eye, nose and throat irritation.

In some parts of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, unfamiliar with these weather conditions, communities have painted white rails in the streets, hoping that the color of the light will lower the temperature by a few degrees.

From Friday the extreme heatwave phenomenon is expected to end, with the arrival in central Europe of a cold front that crossed the Atlantic and which today has left mainland Portugal with a drop in temperatures and rainfall in various regions. .

Climate scientists say these extreme heatwave situations can become widespread in many parts of the world.

Never before have global temperatures risen so rapidly, causing distortions in global climate behavior, according to published studies.

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