Parler will once again be available on the Apple Store

The social network was initially banned because the company led by Tim Cook felt it was not doing enough to moderate the content shared by users, even when it was clearly racist or called for violence, attitudes that are not allowed by Apple’s corporate policies.

However, after several meetings held by the iPhone company and Parler since January, the social network has presented an updated version of its application that, guarantees, improves the quality of moderation, having been approved by Apple.

Its promoters define Parler as the “freedom of expression” social network, precisely because of a looser policy of moderating content, but guarantee that it is not directed at any specific audience.

Recently, Parler has gained a lot of popularity among conservatives in the United States, who consider that networks like Facebook or Twitter veto their opinions and do not allow them to express themselves.

The social network has been practically inoperable since the beginning of the year, when Apple and Google (owners of the two main mobile operating systems) decided to remove it from their virtual stores and Amazon expelled it from their internet servers.

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