Parliament approves in general ‘Green visas’ proposed by the PAN

The PAN bill to create ‘Green Visas’, a residence permit scheme based on green projects investment, was generally approved today, and the blocking proposal was rejected to eliminate the ‘Gold Visas’.

In the vote at the end of the plenary meeting of the Assembly lead was confirmed already announced in the BE bill of Thursday’s debate that he intended to end the ‘Visa Gold’, having acted against the PS votes, PSD and CDS -PP and the votes in favour of the remaining seats.

Already the ‘Visas Green’ proposed by the PAN was approved in general, with the votes in favour of PSD, PS and the applicant party, the counter BE votes, PCP and PEV and the non-attached Member Paulo Trigo Pereira and abstaining from CDS-PP.

The approval of the green visas will reinforce Portugal’s role in attracting international ecological investment and will guarantee, in parallel, the transition to a circular and decarbonised economy,” explained André Silva, PAN’s single deputy at Thursday’s debate.

Investments in non-intensive organic farming and projects that reinforce and actively contribute to the implementation of the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality are some of the activities that the NAP includes in this assignment of ‘Green Visas’.

The party also plans to include investments that focus on self-consumption with energy from renewable sources and projects that show high standards of energy efficiency.

In the draft bill, the PAN makes it clear that ‘Green visas’ will be allocated to any activity carried out in person or through a company that leads to the accomplishment of at least one of the situations provided for in its proposal, in the national territory, and’ for a minimum period of five years, for an amount equal to or greater than € 250,000.

Already the proposed BE proposal sought the end of the ‘gold visas’, a ‘tool of real estate speculation’ through which Portugal “sells rights of citizenship.

In the debate, Rep BE José Manuel Pureza insisted that “a country that seriously takes up does not sell citizenship rights”, considering that the ‘seen gold’ ‘ is just a speculation tool, hitchhiking, also practices corruption and money laundering “.

In 2012, the then Minister Paulo Portas made the pretence of speech. He assured to accept the figure of the ‘seen gold’ in Portugal was essential to attract foreign investment creator of employment. Pure Pretending because of 6962 ‘seen gold’ awarded between 2012 and December 31, 2018, only 13 were associated with investments involving the creation of jobs, ” he criticized.

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