Parliament ensures equality between Olympic and Paralympic athletes

The convergence of the values of scholarships for sports participation and preparation among Olympic and Paralympic athletes was approved today in the specialization of the State Budget, after proposals from the BE and the PAN.

On the second day of the vote on the state budget for 2019 (OE2019), the two proposals, which create a new article for equality between Olympic and Paralympic athletes, were approved with the votes in favour of BE, PCP and CDS- PP and the abstention of PSD and PS.

“In order to eliminate existing discrimination, the convergence of the expected values for the payment of scholarships, preparation and sports participation among Olympic and Paralympic athletes at all levels is ensured”, the text proposed by the BE states, and this convergence is achieved in 2021.

The approved text provides that “the Government shall regulate the provisions of this article within a maximum period of 60 days”.

The text of the NAP establishes that “the Government creates a regime that allows the Paralympic athletes to be compared to the Olympic athletes in relation to the allocation of support and scholarships, which will be implemented by 2020.”

As decided by the specialist committee, “there will be a reconciliation of the content of the proposals” approved in the final draft of the OE2019.

Over the weekend, at the press conference that followed the National Bureau of BE, bloc leader Catarina Martins has singled out the matching of the exchanges as one of the proposed amendments that the party was expected to approve.

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