Parliament praises clergy champion selection that even counted on a … CR7

A team of Portugal beat Bosnia and Herzegovina in the final, thanks to “an amazing hat trick from Father André Meireles“.

Members of the Assembly of the Republic will discuss, next Friday, a vote of congratulation to the National Church Futsal Team, for the victory in the 13th edition of the European Championship of the modality.

Led by Ricardo Costa, the team beat Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-0 in the final thanks to “an amazing hat trick from Father André Meireles” and the good performances of captain Father Marco Gil, “known among the peers like Cristiano Ronaldo of the Church’s Selection.

The result achieved, which we extol, is, of course, a source of pride for all the Portuguese“, can be read in Parliament’s document.

The Assembly of the Republic thus associates itself with the feeling of national recognition for this victory, welcoming the National Clutch Futsal National Team and the national entertainer Ricardo Costa for the excellent demonstration of the sporting value and the way they dignified Portugal, contributing to the international projection of the country, and for the notoriety of this sport, and writing another brilliant page of the meritorious history of national sport and the church, “he concludes.

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